Photographic Printing

Bring the beauty of photographic images to your screw cap design with our single-step photographic printing process.


Photographic Perfection

Using advanced computer modelling, our design team can apply your 2-dimensional image to the entire cap surface.
These are available in matte and gloss finishes.

Printing in a single step saves you time and money. Complete your press approval with ease.

Endless Options

With the freedom of photographic full colour printing your options are endless.

Reproduce any image or scene in glorious full colour even with the addition of embossing, varnishes, foil and more.

At Interpack our technology and production capabilities are only limited by your imagination

Commemorative Closure

Commemorate a special occasion with a wine closure that tells a story of the moment.

Images That Tell Your Story

A Photographic image can help you stand out from the crowd, with a fresh approach.