Screen Printing

Screen prints are ideal for high-contrast designs, intricate letter forms or line-art where subtle texture is desired.


Unmatched Flexibility

Our screen print option provides unmatched flexibility; laying colour, gloss and texture down on the closures surface.
As you can see from the image below, fine details are made clear and a subtle texture is added.

Gloss / Matte Screen Printing

The combination of a deep matte coating and a high gloss screen print allows for a vibrant modern luxurious feel, adding another dimension to your closures.

High Build Screen Print

A thick, luscious logo shines through on this dark matte finish cap with our high build screen print processes.

Using our advanced screen print process, this cap brings a new level of texture that softly blends with the cap surface. Thanks to the gloss finish high-build decoration, a striking depth and shine are presented.

Packaging Should Start at the Top

It should tell consumers that you’ve strived to create a unique wine, beverage, or bottled food product.